How does your garden grow

Under construction

Did you know there is a Butterfly Garden in Suseda Park at 5805 Murrell Road in Viera Florida? Here’s where the story begins. It was planted in 2014 and is in need of some major updating. I have started with the cleanup and the ground preparation for new plants. On July 26, 2022  the VECA board Viera East Community Association approved revitalizing the old garden. These new improvements are to include include a new mulched walk way done by the Boy Scouts, new bench, upgraded sprinkler system, signs noting the garden, and of course new plants. This should be a peaceful place to come and set and watch the day fly by. Now this is where you come in. Do you have any gardening experience and would like to share it with our community. We are in need of a few people that would like to help plant the new flowers and bushes. If you feel you can help please private message me. List of the persons whom have already given products to garden. This was at no cost to VECA. Pastor Myer Has given wood chips and ground mulch. Ken Peck Delivered one truck load of ground mulch to the garden. Verdescape  Landscaping         Landscape cloth. Signs for the garden, Butterfly puddling station and upgraded the sprinkle system.