New things at Viera East

We keep growing with new businesses. Must be a great place to live.

New road way to The Avenue Viera. Looking north on Lake Andrew Drive in back of the high school. This will be a shorter way to the mall when completed.

It’s going to happen

Garden Gallery on Viera Boulevard

New Car Loop for Elementary School

Matt Susin Vice Chairman Brevard County School Board stated that new car loop extension construction at Ralph Williams Elementary School should help solve the existing problem. As you all are aware the parent pickup line since the schools opening has backed up onto the main road and blocked traffic. Commissioner Curt Smith and Mr. Susin joined efforts to pay for the loop in a collaborative effort. Thanks to the both of you.

GTG Motorcar Sales Viera Boulevard and Holiday Springs Road

They got a lot of room for storage off Korbin Ave

Newest things that are happening now Viera East. Goodwill is now open. Also information from an employee Texas Roadhouse they now open.

I’m glad we have our preserves and wetland areas. We will be safe from having everything being developed.