Keeping it nice

Butterfly Garden

Did you know there is a Butterfly Garden in Suseda Park at 5805 Murrell Road in Viera Florida? Here’s where the story begins. It was planted in 2014 and is in need of some major updating. I have started with the cleanup and the ground preparation for new plants. We hope VEAC will approve the plan on the upgrades at the meeting on May 16. These include a new mulched walk way done by the Boy Scouts, new bench, upgraded sprinkler system, signs noting the garden, and of course new plants. This should be a peaceful place to come and set and watch the day fly by. Now this is where you come in. Do you have any gardening experience and would like to share it with our community. We are in need of a few people that would like to help plant the new flowers and bushes. If you feel you can help please private message me.

This is the garden when we started

Cleanup has started

A few flowers and plants have survived.

It takes a lot of work to keep this place looking good. Many thanks to these people who help Our Viera East.

It’s time for all of us to enjoy the things mother nature has given us. Wild Flowers along the sidewalk on north side of Viera Boulevard. The stakes are to show the landscaper where not to mow.

Well they have gone an done it again. More people are out picking up other peoples trash. A bit thanks to this unknown lady for doing a great job at Club House Park.

If you would like your photo added to this fine group please email us with your information. Some of the best cleaners appear on this site. I know there are more of you out cleaning up our neighborhoods. Thanks

Shelly & Eddie Legge from Crane Creek submitted their pickings today 5-19-21 East and West side of Murrell from Old Glory to Wickham road.

A big thanks goes out to Karen and Victor Carboni from Capron Ridge. There working on keeping the south side of Viera Blvd clean
A big thanks to Jim Gardner for his picking up along Murrell Road north of Viera Blvd.

Come on people we could use your help.

OUR VIERA EAST a nice place to live

A big thank you to all the volunteers who keep VIERA EAST a nice place to live.

February 2021 we are celebrating one year of trash picking with over 50 bags of highway trash.

Weekly cleanup along north side of Viera Boulevard between Herons’ Landing Drive and Village Drive. Many thanks to Joan and Bill Oakley. February 2021 we are celebrating one year of trash picking with over 50 bags of highway trash. Come on folks we could use a little help.

One days road trash pickup north on Murrell Road just south of Barnes Boulevard. Thanks to Lisa Miller
Keeping it clean south on Murrell Road. Many thanks to this unknown person.

The GFWC Viera Woman’s Club has supported for years the Keep Brevard Beautiful Adopt-A-Road program. The Club removes litter from Murrell Road between Clubhouse Dr and Barnes Road. Normally, our team of volunteers meet monthly to pick-up litter and recyclables along two miles of a busy road in our clubs’ area. COVID19 required us to suspend meeting as a group since March so now individual members safely complete pick-up during their regular sidewalk exercise along our Adopt-A-Road responsibility. So far in 2020 we have devoted over 40 hours as we pickup about 45 trash bags of litter.

Keep Brevard Beautiful – Florida

“The mission of Keep Brevard Beautiful is to develop, motivate, educate, and activate community partners to reduce litter, recycle, beautify, and sustain the environment for the benefit of Brevard County. Our goal is to ignite positive behavior change by engaging individuals to take responsibility for their actions within their community.” If you would like to assist us with our mission, there are methods of accomplishing that. One way is to volunteer.

The CDD Viera East Community Development District and VECAINC Viera East Community Association sidewalk replacement. Keeping our walking and bike paths looking good. Thank you Bill Oakley for taken charge of this project.