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This website was put together for the enjoyment of others. It will give you some insight as to what a great place this is to live. I have always given back to the community where I live. After looking for five years my wife and I found Viera East a nice place to retire. We have lived in Viera East for eleven years. Our family lived in south Florida 42 years where I worked as a technical instructor in the Broward County School system.

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Bill Oakley email him at Ourvieraeast@gmail.com

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Nice things said about OURVIERAEAST.COM

Dear Green Gables Members,
We would like to thank Mr.& Mrs.William Oakley, Viera East residents for their visit today and past support of Green Gables. Mr. Oakley, website developer for ourvieraeast.com has added our Green Gables website as a link on Viera East’s site.  Here is the link to Viera East’s beautiful and entertaining website https://ourvieraeast.com/  Now our neighborhood has been expanded!
We truly appreciate this kind gesture!
In addition, today the Holy Trinity Scout Troop took down the remaining bamboo and brush along with cutting up and pulling free the huge downed tree on the North side of the property. Last year we put to rest two chainsaws trying to tackle that tree!
Thank you so much to Holy Trinity Scouts and Leaders for their hours of work in this heat and humidity.  Those young men and women demonstrate what purserverence is all about. I am hoping someone took pictures.
Best regards,
Sue Fallon

This is a nice place to visit and support. https://greengables.org/

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